Queensland Government Network

Our Queensland Government Network (QGN) is central to the ICT services we provide. It is a government owned and managed network, designed specifically to provide highly available and secure connectivity for Government agencies. The network connects all agencies to Queensland Government data centres, Govnet, several cloud providers and the internet.

With near limitless bandwidth, this critical service delivers high capacity, carrier grade Ethernet services for multipoint communication and enables end-to-end business continuity failover within milliseconds. By sharing connections in this way, government agencies can avoid the cost and inefficiencies of duplicated services.

  • Flexibility to choose your data connectivity service
  • End-to-end ICT solution
  • Highly redundant services with automatic failover
  • Government efficiencies gained by sharing network connections
  • Wholly-owned network guarantees bandwidth at all times.
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QGN Ethernet

Our QGN Ethernet extends your network to other sites, data centres or into the cloud. Our Ethernet services are designed to be highly available, scalable and secure. Whether you choose to use Ethernet alone or with other CITEC services, our common access architecture provides the flexibility to customise your network.

QGN Data Centre Network Services

Today’s data centre networks are complex with many co-dependent technologies required for peak end-to-end performance. Resilient by design, the QGN Data Centre Network provides secure connectivity for any data need, connecting a wide range of government, agency and supplier ICT infrastructure.

QGN Cloud Connect

Queensland Government agencies are increasingly adopting the benefits of cloud solutions, but for some ICT solutions, obstacles still remain when it comes to security and compliance. QGN Cloud Connect lets you safely and seamlessly connect to a variety of leading international cloud providers through a secure, high quality end-to-end service, while simultaneously retaining a hybrid environment of infrastructure in Queensland.

Queensland Government Internet

Our Queensland Government Internet service is specifically designed for the needs of agencies. Designed on best practice architecture, it delivers fast, high capacity access to the Internet through multiple suppliers, with full failover at our geographically diverse data centres. Our service is known for its performance and resiliency and is now the Queensland Government’s secure gateway to the Internet, enabling the deployment of a range of cyber-security protection capabilities funded by the Queensland Government Chief Information Office.

Denial of Service Protection

Large scale Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are occurring with increasing frequency. Queensland Government DoS protection provides two layers of defence and has a proven track record of blocking attacks while allowing business traffic to continue unaffected.

Network Management

Our network management services give you the support to optimise and manage your complex communications infrastructure, while simultaneously maintaining control of your overall network strategy. Our service is flexible and scalable to your business needs.