Managed IT

Through our managed IT Services, we become an extension of your IT department, allowing you to scale, achieve greater flexibility, and focus on your core organisational objectives.

We offer a single-point managed IT solution with full service capabilities across server, operating system, network, database and application servers.

  • Focus on your core competencies
  • 24/7 support and availability
  • Achieve greater scale and flexibility
  • Fast provisioning of servers and resources
  • Specialist technical support and consulting
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Operating System Management

Our Operating System (OS) management services incorporate our state of the art infrastructure and expert architects with your Windows, Linux or UNIX OS. We can manage your system, performance, vendors and virtualisation, so you are free to concentrate on your core business needs. The operating systems and supporting infrastructure are managed and maintained by a team of accredited professionals to deliver predictable levels of availability and reliability.

Server Management

We can take the pressure off your IT department by providing 24/7 support, monitoring and management of your server’s infrastructure housed in both our state of the art data centre and the cloud. Our management experts can simplify server maintenance, and provide you with a fully supported solution to suit the demands of your business.

Mainframe Hosting

We offer high levels of service, availability and redundancy to provide production failover for all critical systems. Full operations and network monitoring is supplied 24/7, equipped with automated problem determination to ensure early alerts and a rapid response to any system issues. Hosted with IBM’s System Z, we offer a large-scale consolidation system that thrives under heavy workloads. It brings together over 40 years of development and leadership in virtualisation, workload management and huge I/O throughput. It is also highly secure, excelling at user identification and authorisation, access control, virus protection and encryption.

Database Management

Take the hassle out of managing, monitoring, supporting and maintaining your own Oracle or SQL database. With our team of expert administrators, we can manage all aspects of setup and maintenance for your application database and provide customised levels of support and backup to ensure peak performance. Our database services fully manage all aspects of your database setup and maintenance, whilst you retain your own application database administrators to support your own data level tasks, such as data migration.

Network Management

Our Network Management services give you the support to optimise and manage your complex communications infrastructure, while simultaneously maintaining control of your overall network strategy. Our service is flexible and scalable to your business needs.

SAP Basis

Our team of experienced and certified experts can work with you to monitor and manage your critical SAP systems. With extensive and in depth knowledge of complex SAP landscapes, our SAP Basis team are second to none. With 24/7 support, monitoring and management of your SAP landscapes, we can free up your resources so you can focus your business, knowing your critical SAP ERP systems are taken care of. We are experienced in installing and managing SAP versions from R3 through to ECC5, 6 and SAP HANA, as well as numerous SAP modules such as Solution Manager and Business Intelligence. Our team can support your SAP instances on your own infrastructure or our highly available and highly scalable virtualised UNIX or Microsoft infrastructure.