Data Centre

Our geographically diverse, purpose built data centres feature enterprise-class infrastructure with the security and resiliency to safeguard your valuable data. Our dedicated experts operate in line with legislative requirements, industry standards and best practice methods to provide quality solutions and meet mission critical data centre requirements.

We offer a wide range of data centre services; from the housing of ICT equipment under a co-location arrangement, through to fully managed services including networks, cloud and data storage.

  • Supports the high availability demands of business critical data
  • Ensures data security with comprehensive building and environmental monitoring
  • Automatic fire detection and suppression system
  • Connected via a diverse and secure network
  • High levels of capacity providing growth of ICT infrastructure when needed
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Data Centre Services

Our data centre services operate out of two highly secure data centres, including one of Queensland’s premier Tier 3 facilities; Polaris. Our facilities maintain and protect our customers’ mission-critical ICT systems and applications. We can provide scalable rack and custom co-location solutions to suit all your critical business needs. We ensure stringent environmental controls and resilient power supplies to deliver the best performance and availability for your services and equipment.

Data Centre Network Services

Today’s data centre networks are complex with many co-dependant technologies required for peak end-to-end performance. Resilient by design, the QGN Data Centre Network provides secure connectivity for any data need, connecting a wide range of government, agency and supplier ICT infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Our cloud solutions offer a range of server, storage and data protection solutions for a variety of organisational needs. Our infrastructure overcomes the functional, resourcing and financial limitations of owning traditional ICT hardware, and allows you to manage your data anytime, anywhere.

Managed IT Services

Take the complexity out of managing your ICT operations and let us do the hard work for you. With database, operating system and server management capabilities, we have all the expertise you need to care for and support your ICT needs, so you can focus on your core business competencies.

Data Storage

Implementing a storage solution can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Our Data Storage solutions are housed in purpose-built, secure and dual-site data centres. We are committed to the provision of first class data storage solutions that suit a whole range of storage needs. Our dedicated storage delivers a secure and compliant platform for your organisation to control, manage and optimise your data storage solution.

Backup as a Service

Our Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering can ensure that critical data from a wide range of platforms, applications and databases are efficiently and securely backed up to specific storage in remote secure Queensland Government data centres. BaaS is also designed to allow customers to perform recoveries of backed up data with minimal delay as a part of their end-to-end disaster recovery and business continuity planning.