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We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our Queensland Government QCloud VMware to the latest version of 9.5!

At the bottom of this blog are some useful links to vCloud Director usage guides and videos for system administrators to familarise themselves with vCloud Director 9.5 and all the new capabilities.

New features include:

  • Users can now deploy single VMs without the need for a vApp.
  • HTML5 user interface (Clarity UI). Alternative to uploading media or viewing VM consoles.
  • The flex flash vCloud Director UI is still available via existing URLs.
  • Cross-Site vDC networking: VMware blogs
  • VM performance metrics embedded into vCloud Director HTML5 UI
  • Coming soon – Operations Manager (VMware vRealize Operations) metrics within vCD HTML5 interface. This will provide extensive metrics, reporting, capacity & billing information (at no additional cost).

VM Performance metrics are now available: -> Virtual machines -> Details -> Monitoring Chart

VM View monitoring chart VM graph

Useful vCloud Director 9.5 user guides:
vCloud Director 9.5 Tenant portal user guide: VMware blogs – Tenant Portal
What’s new in vCloud Director 9.5 – New features in detail: VMware blogs – New features

Useful Videos:
What’s new from a tech perspective 1 of 3 – VMware: Youtube-1
What’s new from a tech perspective 2 of 3 – VMware: Youtube-2
Tenant Portal – HTML5 clarity UI: Youtube – Tenant Portal


Benefits of QCloud

  • SSD Storage without storage I/O costs
  • No Network I/O charges
  • Available for Qld Government with Brisbane based support