Read on to see how our Security Operations team cleverly combined open-source software with in-house tools and commercial products to work smarter and deliver a superior service to our customers.

Earlier this year, our Security Operations team developed and implemented a cost-effective security monitoring solution with great success and industry recognition. By learning new skills and engaging technologies, we were able to better monitor and mitigate malware activity. This included implementing smarter operational intelligence services, enabling the team to have a clearer view of indicators of compromise and blocking known malicious traffic vectors threatening Queensland Government assets.

As cyber-attacks increase in frequency and sophistication, the need for monitoring systems that allow visibility of potential threats is greater than ever.  On average, our security services monitor over 30 million requests per day, blocking access to over 400,000 malicious websites. Over the past year alone, our services have mitigated over 145 malicious attacks. To ensure the cyber safety of our Queensland Government clients, our team are continuously engaged in the rapid acquisition of knowledge and application of new technologies.

But they don’t stop there, technological advancement alone isn’t enough. Our team believe that education is critical in addressing the human link to cyber security. To ensure this,  our security experts  are developing an information security awareness package that will help our staff and customers gain an understanding of their role in protecting government assets.

This innovation has not gone unnoticed, with an invitation to present our Security Operations initiative at the AusCERT2016 conference. If you’d like to hear more about our great work, check out Senior Security Specialist, Mark Carey-Smith’s AusCERT2016 presentation Maximising Efficiency in Security Operations.

If you would like more information on the security services offered by CITEC please contact or call 07 3222 2555.